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Earn Money


1. What is Aariamart's Earn Money Scheme?

Aariamart's Earn Money Scheme is a referral program designed to reward our customers for spreading the word about our online grocery store. We also have a physical brick and mortar retail store in Andheri, Mumbai where customers can do personal visits also.When a new customer places their first order with us, they will receive six coupons to distribute to their family, friends, and colleagues.

2. How does the referral program work?

Once a customer receives their six coupons, they can distribute them to others who can use them to place their first order with Aariamart. When six new customers place their first orders using these coupons, the original customer (referrer) becomes eligible for one free order amounting to 999 INR.

3. How many coupons does a new customer receive?

A new customer receives six coupons on their first order only. Subsequent orders will not be eligible for additional coupons. Once a customer distributes six coupons and takes the benefit of one free order, he/she will not be eligible for further any kind of free orders as per this scheme.

However, he/she will be able to avail discounts and other benefits such as festival discounts, special discounts, discounts offered in events or during the physical presence in store. These might be declared for all the customers by the company from time to time.

4. Can the coupons be used by anyone?

Yes, the coupons can be used by anyone who is placing their first order with Aariamart. They are not restricted to specific individuals.

5. How does the referrer benefit from the program?

Once the six new customers referred by the original customer have placed their first orders, the referrer becomes eligible for one free order worth 999 INR.

6. Is there a limit to the number of referrals a customer can make?

Yes. There is a limit to the number of referrals a customer can make. He/she can refer six customers only and all must place orders so that the original customer will be able to get the benefit.

7. How does the recursive chain concept work?

Once the referrer earns their free order, the same referral process starts again for the six new customers who used the coupons. This creates a recursive chain, allowing more customers to benefit from the program.

Please note that this is not a MLM or ponzi chain scheme which is quite prevalent in the market. Customers are not going to get any cash or monetary reward except that their one order worth INR 999 will be discounted at zero value and they will get free products. 

8. How will the referrer know when they are eligible for a free order?

Aariamart will notify the referrer once all six new customers referred by them have placed their first orders. They can then claim their free order worth 999 INR.

9. Can the free order be redeemed for cash?

No, the free order worth 999 INR cannot be redeemed for cash. It can only be used to purchase items from Aariamart's online grocery store.

10. Are there any restrictions on the items that can be purchased with the free order?

The free order can be used to purchase any items available on Aariamart's online grocery store, subject to availability and terms of service. But the total value should not exceed INR 999.

11. Where is your working office located ?

Please follow below link to visit our work place, if you have any queries or doubts:

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